Trading Custom Trading Pins

Trading pins has become a viable hobby for countless of people for quite some time. How does this work? Well, it works exactly as how it’s named. It is essentially people trading their custom trading pins with each other. This term also includes people buying or selling trade pins of a common theme.

Custom trading pins are these small pins that may be customized with any kind of design you want. These may be worn on any kind of clothing, may it be on a shirt, on your necktie, or even on a scarf. Trading pins are more often used as a memorabilia for an event, or a celebration. For example, if your Baseball team won the World Series, then most likely, there will be pins of various designs made, to commemorate the event. The same is true for the 50th anniversary celebration of your fraternity or club, or even the centennial of a country’s independence. You can basically have custom trading pins made for any reason.

Trading Custom Trading Pins

It has become a hobby to trade these custom trading pins because of their value as memorabilia. The more limited these pins are, the higher their value. See, some pins are limited in the sense that only a few were manufactured. For example, it may be possible that for the centennial anniversary of a country’s independence day, only 100 trading pins were made, and these were given to only a select few who at that time were deemed deserving by an awarding body.

This exclusivity makes the value of these custom trading pins higher than if thousands were made of the same design. A rare pin may be traded for another pin of similar value, or if traded for money, definitely for a bigger amount than just your normal run off the mill custom trading pin. The same goes for limited pins commemorating the Olympics, or the championships of any kind of sport. For as long as only a limited number of these pins commemorating an event are manufactured, you can be assured of their value.

Pin trading may be done anywhere. In fact, some companies have even sponsored these pin trading events in terms of venue. More often than not, this happens if the company itself has a long history of having trading pins made for themselves. For example, it may be possible for really established companies to have trading pins and other memorabilia made for their anniversaries. If they’re the kind of company that does this, chances are, they will be willing to sponsor a pin or memorabilia trading event. The theme of the event will of course be trading pins or memorabilia which their company had made decades ago. This will attract hobbyists and trade pin collectors from all over the country.

Yes, pin collectors, especially the hardcore ones, indeed flock to these events regardless of whether they have to drive far or even ride a plane just to get to the venue. These hardcore pin collectors are those known to have collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. They scour through pin trading events trying to look for the rarest pins that they could possibly find.

As to what they do with the pins, no one knows. But essentially, that’s what a hobby is – no one really knows why you do it, and why you spend so much time, effort, and money on it. All that matters is that your hobby makes you feel good and you see the value in whatever it is that you are doing. If you end up making money from your hobby, then good for you – you might have just found the perfect hobby.